Yale Wireless Pet PIR Video Camera
Yale Wireless Pet PIR Video Camera

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Pet Immunity

Provides pet immunity up to 27 kilos (59 lbs) to eliminate false alarms caused by animals.

High-Resolution QVGA Color Videos

When an alarm occurs, YALE-873 Pro records a 10-sec color video clip and sends it to the monitoring center and the user for visual verification. It also records a video for a remote look-in on request. YALE-873 Pro’s flash function enables it to capture the best video in different lighting conditions.

Safe Transmission

YALE-873 Pro’s advanced authenticated two-way encrypted wireless link (2.4 GHz DSSS) guarantees excellent indoor coverage and the transmission of high-resolution QVGA color videos.


  • Pet immunity up to 27 kilos (59 lbs)
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Records and sends a 10-sec color video clip upon an alarm event
  • Records a video clip on request
  • Night surveillance up to five meters
  • Long battery life
  • Low power consumption
  • QVGA (320x240) video file format