Yale Wireless Outdoor PIR Image Camera
Yale Wireless Outdoor PIR Image Camera

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The YALE 852EX is an outdoor ZigBee camera PIR sensor snapping high-quality color images for visual verification.

This camera PIR sensor, which provides complete camera coverage of the monitored area, leaves no blind spot when capturing alarm scenes. 

The YALE 852EX can be configured to send 3 color VGA alarm images (640 x 480 pixels), 6 color QVGA alarm images (320 x 240 pixels), or 3 color QVGA alarm images. It also snaps and dispatches a real-time color image to the CMS or the user when requested.


  • Waterproof Housing for outdoor applications
  • Optimum camera coverage
  • High quality colour VGA/QVGA alarm images
  • Four Pet Immunimty settings (20, 30, 40 & 60Kg)
  • Eliminates False Alarms
  • Extensive communications range
  • Dispatches one real-time image on request
  • IR Illumination
  • Night surveillance up to 6 metres
  • LED indicators for faults and test mode
  • Tamper protection