Lockwood Hi-O Room Guard Locking System

Lockwood Hi-O Room Guard Locking System


Vendor: Lockwood


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The Room Guard Locking System is based on state of the art Hi-O technology platform 

Bringing a new dimension to electronic locking systems as we know them today, the Hi-O platform has enabled this unique product offering that is designed for ease of use and simplified installation.

The system provides electronic lock control of multiple doors for any room requiring privacy by the occupants. The most common applications are shared bathrooms in hospitals and conference rooms with dual entries. The intelligence is embedded in the locking devices themselves, resulting in a plug and play system without the need for a door controller to lock and unlock the door; therefore extremely easy to install and cost effective.


  • One touch privacy
  • All components supplied in one neat kit
  • Plug and Play connectivity
  • No requirement for external door controller or EAC system
  • Fast, accurate and cost effective installation


  • Shared bathrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Laboratories


Locking the door

  • Enter either door and close door
  • Activate internal turn knob
  • Both doors automatically lock - outside
  • External handles indicate red (locked)

To unlock/exit

  • Activate internal lever on either door
  • Both doors automatically unlock
  • External handles indicate green (unlocked)

Note: In the event of an emergency, the doors may be unlocked externally via emergency override switches if fitted.

Standards and Compliance

Successfully fire rated up to 4hrs on fire door
Hour assemblies in accordance with AS1905.1.2007



Installation Overview
The Room Guard Locking System does not require an external door controller to lock or unlock the door. The electric mortice locks are simply plugged together, connected to the emergency override switches and then plugged into the power supply.

Note: The use of emergency override switches may not be required. In that case, the power supply is connected directly to mortice locks.

Room Guard Kit - Contents

  • Hi-O Room Guard Mortice Lock x2
  • Power Transfer x2
  • Room Guard Turn Knob Assembly x2
  • 24Vdc Power supply unit x1
  • 4 Way Adaptor x1
  • Override Switch Wire - 15M x2
  • 8M Extension Cable x2
  • Terminal Strip Adaptor (PAIR) x1
  • Hi-O Termination Socket x1
  • Emergency Switch x2
  • Faceplate for Emergency Switch x2



The Room Guard Kit contains all necessary components and power supply to install a two door system. The door furniture must be ordered separately.

Spare Parts

Description Part Number
Hi-O Room Guard Mortice Lock 3570ELHRG0SC
Power Transfer EA280
Room Guard Turn Knob Assembly RG3SC
24Vdc Power supply unit HPS-24VDC
4 Way Adaptor HLM-004
Override Switch Wire - 15M HLM-018
8M Extension Cable HLM-008
Terminal Strip Adaptor (PAIR) HLM-011
Hi-O Termination Socket HLM-012
Emergency Switch HPM-SW1
Faceplate for Emergency Switch HPM-FP1