Lockwood EMZ8 E/Magnet 12/24vdc Double Monitored


Vendor: Lockwood


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The Double Series Electromagnetic Locks operate with holding forces from 500kg up to 1160kg. Covering a range of applications these magnets are ideal for applications from access ways through to high use commercial swing doors. With fixing options including wood, aluminium and steel constructions, as well as glass door applications, the range caters to most electromagnetic needs.


  • Fail-safe: unlocks when power is removed
  • Easy installation: suitable for both new and retrofit usage
  • High holding force: refer to the technical data overleaf
  • Self-alignment: armature plate pivots to accommodate door drop
  • Silent operation: no humming or buzzing
  • Dual voltage: site selectable 12 or 24 Vdc
  • Monitoring; Hall-Effect and Reed Switch monitoring on all models
  • Instantaneous release: Smart electronics on the Z Series electromagnets eliminate residual magnetism.


  • Aluminium doors
  • Double swing doors
  • Access control
  • Surface mount for inswing and outswing doors


Hall / Bond Monitoring
This indicates that the lock is powered and that the armature plate is in position and magnetically bonded (it monitors if the magnet is locked)

Reed switch monitoring
An integrated reed switch monitors the door position separately (it monitors the position of the door)

Standards and Compliance

  • Successfully fire rated up to 4hrs on fire door assemblies in accordance with AS1905.1. 2005 (Part 1: Fire resistant door sets)
  • CE Approved
  • C-Tick Certified


Z8 Magnet
Holding Force 1100kg - 1160kg
Dimensions (L)532 x (H)72 x (D)40 mm
Voltage 12Vdc/ 24Vdc ±10%
Current 1024mA @ 12Vdc 512mA @ (12Vdc)
Monitoring Hall-Effect/Bond sensing Reed Switch
Operating Temperature -10 to 55 Degrees
Operating Humidity 0 - 95%

Holding force is measured directly between armature and magnet, holding force on the door may vary depending on the leverage created.

Specification Statement

The Double Series Electromagnetic Lock should be constructed in an aluminium base with heavy duty electromagnet. The range only operates in fail safe mode and relies on a secondary lock or battery backup system. The lock needs to be equipped with "smart electronics" that have zero residual magnetism, (instantaneous release). This is crucial for correct operation.







Description Part Number
EMZ4 Bracket Double L & Z EMZ4B-DLZ
EMZ4 Bracket Double L & Z Adjustable EMZ4B-DLZA
EMZ4 Bracket Amrature Monitored W/Magnet EMZ4B-AM
EMZ4 Bracket Double Mounting Plate EMZ4B-DMP
EMZ4 Spare Part Screw Kit EMZ4SP-SC
EMZ4 Spare Part Pcb Monitored EMZ4SP-PCBM
EMZ8 Bracket Double L & Z EMZ8B-DLZ
EMZ8 Bracket Double L & Z Adjustable EMZ8B-DLZA
EMZ8 Bracket Amrature Monitored W/Magnet EMZ8B-AM
EMZ8 Bracket Double Mounting Plate EMZ8B-DMP
EMZ8 Spare Part Screw Kit EMZ8SP-SC
EMZ8 Spare Pcb Monitored EMZ8SP-PCBM