ES6000S-1 Hook Lock Surface 12/24Vdc Fail Safe Monitored

ES6000S-1 Hook Lock Surface 12/24Vdc Fail Safe Monitored


Vendor: Lockwood


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ES6000S-1 Hook Lock is suitable for swinging doors, sliding doors and is easily attached to wood or steel door frames. ES6000S-1 is heavy duty designed with its high preload (side load) capability of up to 300 kg, high holding force of up to 680 kg and up to 4 hour fire rating. Both Power to Open and Power to Lock models are available.

The ES6000S-1 is available in both recess and surface mounted versions.

The ES6000S-1 recess mounted version is completed with elegant satin stainless steel faceplate. The surface mounted version is completed with a cast aluminium cover that can be supplied in a variety of colours to match existing door frames.

ES6000S-1 can be mounted vertically and horizontally, with self-latching ability without power for fire applications.


  • Power to Open or Power to Lock versions available
  • Side Load (Pre-Load) Capable: Operates freely with up to 300 kg of side pressure
  • Self Latching: Will self latch without power for fire applications
  • 680kg holding force
  • Robust Construction: Stainless steel components used
  • Low Profile: Will protrude only 40mm into door headroom
  • Multi Voltage: Automatic selection 12 to 30Vdc with back EMF protection and reverse polarity protection
  • Multi Orientation: Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Low Current Consumption

- 12VDC- 250mA after 1 sec. (initial current 830mA)
- 24VDC- 140mA after 1 sec. (initial current 530mA)

  • Monitored: locked and unlocked
  • Tested to the 300k g preload capability


  • Heavy Duty Applications
  • Sliding & Swing door applications
  • High Air Pressure Environments (High Pre Load rating)

Standards and Compliance

  • Successfully fire rated up to 2hrs on fire door assemblies in accordance with AS1905.1. 2005 (Part 1: Fire resistant door sets).
  • CE Approved


Supply Voltage 12-30Vdc Ground (OV)

12Vdc - 250 mA after 1 sec. (initial current 830 mA)
24Vdc - 140 mA after 1 sec. (initial current 530 mA)

Door locked (Solenoid) - Door Closed (Latch)

(680kg) static strength rating
70 foot-lbs. dynamic strength rating

Internal Testing achieved: 2,000,000 cycles of operation

660lbs (300kg) pre-load capability

Operational temperature range: -20°C to + 60°C

Lock Body
Cast Aluminium Construction

Lock Bolt
Solid Stainless Steel

Specification Statement
This lock must be able to operate with up to 300kg of preload pressure, with a holding force of 680kg. The lock must be multi voltage selection 12 - 30 Volts with back EMF protection for reverse polarity. Lock can be mounted both horizontally or vertically. The lock needs to be subjected to vigorous testing and a minimum of 2,000,000 cycles needs to be achieved.





Description Part Number
Spare Cover for Hook Lock, Silver 206000-010