Dahua Integrated Solar Power System 60W and 4G Camera Kit

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Integrated solar monitoring system, all in one design, using 4G to transfer monitoring data and solar to power, which is easy/quick to install and can save wiring to the greatest extent, includes three parts: 4G network camera, integrated solar power system and camera's mounting bracket, which is more convenient for sale, order and transportation.
The integrated solar power system, integrating solar panels, lithium batteries, maximum power point tracking(MPPT) charging controller and mounting brackets, provides stable power supply for the front-end data acquisition system —4G network camera through high conversion charging device. It is compact, portable, easy to install, disassemble and maintain compared with conventional system.
The 4G supported IR bullet camera delivers 2MP resolution with a 3.6mm or 6mm fixed lens. The camera can be connected to mobile internet as long as you have a SIM card, provides an excellent choice for a variety of small to mid-size applications such as off-grid system, farms, forest,border,etc.
Wall mount bracket of camera, support multi-angle flexible adjustment.


Integrated die casting casing

Compact structure integrated with solar panel, lithium battery pack and charging controller to improve the appearance, installation, and mainte-nance of the system.

Monocrystalline solar panel

Adopt monocrystalline solar panel to greatly improve light absorbance efficiency and power generation performance with dusky light.

Lithium battery
Iron phosphate lithium battery has smaller size and longer cycle life compared with conventional lithium batteries.

Remote monitoring with App
With Dahua cameras, you can real-time remotely monitor the system operation status and receive alarm prompts for low battery.

Maximum Power Point Tracking charging controller (MPPT)
MPPT controller helps significantly improve the energy utilization efficiency of the system, and raise the charging efficiency by 10%–30% compared with the conventional PWM controller.

12.8V DC, non-standard PoE power supply
The wiring is easier with the combination of power supply by 12.8V DC and non-standard PoE.

RS-485 port
RS-485 port and standard Modbus protocol can satisfy communication requirements in various scenarios.

Electronic protection
Comprehensive electronic protection: Current limiting, short circuit, and reverse current protection of solar panel; reverse connection, overvolt-age, over-discharge, and over-temperature protection of lithium battery; overload and short circuit protection of load.

The camera can be connected to Mobile Internet as long as you have a SIM card, then you can place it anywhere and no need to worry about the wiring hassles.

Intelligent Video analysis (IVS)
Dahua camera is equipped with a built-in intelligent analytic algorithm based on video, which can realize intelligent functions like Tripwire and Intrusion, to quickly and accurately respond to monitoring events in specific area, It can enhance monitoring efficiency. In addition, the camera supports intelligent tamper detection, which is to generate warning message via detecting dramatic scene change and to guarantee effective video surveillance.