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The SH-PIRCAM Outdoor is a two-way wireless outdoor motion detector with a built-in CMOS high quality color camera and advanced VMD technology for reliable external visual verification. Upon an intrusion event, or by homeowner demand, the SH-PIRCAM send an alert and transmits a sequence of pictures to the SHEPHERD™ control panel through TCP/IP or GPRS to the monitoring station or to your mobile phone (via CrowCloud™ mobile apps). 
The SH-PIRCAM Outdoor provides to your home the perfect solution for outdoor surveillance.



Detection Method / CAM Resolution Quad PIR & CMOS Camera with VGA or QVGA
Communication Protocol Freewave2™ Two Way ISM GFSK with 5 frequencies & LBT
Frequencies 868MHz or 916MHz
Identification Unique ID serial number
Events Transmission Alarm, Tamper, Supervision, Low Bat
Communication Range 500m open space
Detection Range 12 m
Pet Immunity With Mask
Detection Mode Sensitivity (configurable) “Take Picture” mode:
≥ 16 VLux/sec – Colour Picture
≤ 16 VLux/sec – Colour picture with white LED flash
“Alarm” mode:
B&W or VGA/QVGA Color picture
Battery Life Up to 5 years
Current Consumption Average Current : 200uA
Battery 2 x 3.6V /13Ah Lithium ,D-Size (ER3415M)
Operation Temperature -25ºC ~ +55 ºC
IP Rating IP 65
Dimensions 135mm x 75mm x 70mm
Weight 400gr
Compliance EN50131 Security Grade 2 Class II