Crow Swan 2000 Anti Mask Dual Tech, 15m wide angle, PET 25kg



  • PIR Quad (Four element) PYRO sensor and hard lens for outstanding detection performance and elimination of false alarms.
  • Microwave detection based on Doppler concept.
  • Unique Microwave Motion Sensor Module with micro strip patch antenna.
  • VLSI based electronics with movement speed spectrum analysis.
  • Height installation calibrations free.
  • User-friendly installation with or w/o swivel bracket.
  • 2-way Microwave sensitivity adjustment.
  • 2-way PIR sensitivity adjustment.
  • Bi directional temperature compensation.
  • Environmental immunity.
  • The Swan 2000 provides pet immunity up to 25Kg. Pet active bellow 1m.
  • Certified EN50131 Grade 2