Crow Pin/Prox Reader 6x2 (Slimline) for Runner & SX Panels



Architrave Size Outdoor Keypad IP65 Dual Voltage 12-24V


This access keypad/proximity reader is capable of controlling 2 doors.Up to 1000 pin codes and/or
RFID devices can be added to control relay 1,and up to 10 pin codes and/or RGID devices can be added to
control relay 2. Attractive,functional, low profile and easy to use, making this unit perfect for most external access slutuins. Blue key illumination



Voltagte :12-24VAC/DC
Current (standby) :80mA 

Current (operating):110mA 

Material:Zinc alloy 

Dimensions:(H)152mm x (W)44mm x (D)23mm

Weight : 500g 
Contacts :2 x 1A 30V NO/NC/COM relays
REX: 2 x Request to exit inputs

Relay reset time:0-99sec (0sec = latching)

Accessories : Optional extras


Installation Instructions