Crow Runner TCP/IP Module



Universal PSTN to LAN Reporting Module for Monitoring Over Internet

The IP-Module by CSM is the only TCP/IP alarm interface you will ever need.

New Zealand designed and manufactured for the changing market.

It converts any Contact-ID signs for your older analogue dialer, into the newer internet reporting protocols and smart phone push notifications.


- Operating voltage: 10-15 DC 300mA (battery backup is recommended)
- Reports in CSV-IP or Patriot LS30
- Programming is do through a web browser
- Dimensions: 102 x 80 x 20mm(plus connector)


-USB D-Link
      This will allow you to read the IP address that has been loaded into the IP-Module.
      This will allow you to connect the IP-Module up to an Elite-S/S-Lite and control it over the internet.
      If you have an Elite S System then this cable will allow the Smartphone App to Arm/Disarm & Control your system through the IP-Module.



Installation Paperwork