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The R4816-3G-IP MODULE consists of a standard R4816-IP MODULE with the plug in 3G Cellular card fitted.

It is predominantly designed for cellular monitoring but can work as a wired Ethernet system as the primary reporting path with Cellular as the back-up path or as Cellular as the primary reporting path. It supports IP Monitoring and personal monitoring via text or emails.

Dual Path monitoring

  • Universal LAN to PSTN reporting module.
  • Primary cellular or cellular back up function
  • Contact ID Monitoring.
  • Personal SMS Monitoring
  • CSV, Patriot LS-30 & AAP Encrypted.


Technical Specification

  • The R4816-3G-IP MODULE converts Contact ID signals to data for monitoring over IP.
  • The unit is fitted with an Ethernet port & a SIM module for Ethernet only, cellular only or backup cellular monitoring purposes, in the form of custom text or email messages.
  • These include Mains failure, batter failure, zone activations, panic, fire, restores & more.
  • Output control & 2 x input control via SMS.
  • All information is programmed into the R4816-3G-IP MODULE via a built in web browser.
  • Allowing monitoring for new & existing systems to be programmed off site.
  • The R4816-3G-IP- -MODULE talks directly to the desired monitoring station with no intermediate host and no ongoing hardware charges.
  • Batter backed up from the alarm panel
  • Field updateable for future firmware upgrades.
  • Primary Ethernet, primary cellular or cellular backup.